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Re: living off the government ADHD

From both sides of the isle,I have always worked, worked hard, my opinion always HAD been aligned with a stanch conservative attitude on work and bennifits. After working for 35 years, at various jobs, many of which didn't end so well, I had found myself in one that really fit.I worked there for 17 years. A change was made that I wasn't able to deal with, and a lifetime of failure,frustration, disappointment, and rejection,all came to a head.I was done. My wife had me hospitalized, or I wouldn't be here. It's like an earthquake happened in my mind and in my sole,and shook loose every bit of confidence, self worth,and faith in self I ever had,just like that, everything I was disappeared. The meer thought of going through the process of applying for a new job has my anxiety so high that I can't speak.Its the fear of failure, I know shake it off buttercup, that's what being a man is all about, but I am not that far away from those suicidal thoughts, and it wouldn't take much to put me over the edge. So now disability is the only thing that may help. I don't have the patience, frustration tolerance, or the ability to go through this process. My wife and attorney are handling that. My opinion of people on disability has had to change, I am not capable of working anymore.
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