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Re: Las Vegas prescriber for ADHD in Women

It is a huge annoyance to see a psychiatrist in Las Vegas. For medication you need to go through a psychologist first, and then a psychiatrist for the prescription. A friend told me there was a general practitioner in town who was more flexible, but he recently got arrested for sexually abusing his clients. I would try to do it through a reliable avenue to avoid the crazies.

I did not pursue it for a few years because of this hassle (who has time or the money for several visits??). Once I switched to Medicaid I went through my school's Health Center and was prescribed on the spot given my long history. The pharmacy also got approval for Adderall XR brand without prior authorization which I was very very surprised about. I am thinking of following through with some coaching and counseling at the school, and I believe one of the doctors works outside of the campus. I will try to send you the information next time I go by PM.
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