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Originally Posted by sarahsweets View Post
I sooooo get this. I firmly believe that I suffered with dyscalcula(sp?). I have always struggled with higher level math. The 4 basics I have down pat but any sort of abstract math like algebra or geometry and I did awful. They didnt know then what they know now. I think better intervention could have really helped me. I love science but couldnt take any of the interesting ones because I couldnt get the math behind it.
and its damn frustrating isn't is? Even I was good with the basics, the foundation level algebra, for eg. was never a problem. Infact it was actually fun. But the level-up was when things started getting out of hand. You'd had to be quick to catch up or else you're left so far behind the syllabus that things would go beyond the scope of redemption. My major struggling areas were unfortunately vast. (History,geography,almost all science branches;a few non english languages,computer programming etc) Despite my IQ being above average.But the IQ thing was a bone of contention since that parameter was judged to be the absolute credible proof.

But honestly i think i'll just be wasting my time and energy pursuing a degree of any sort even through an open uni where attendance is not mandatory. I have zilch passion left and it ends up being a one way street to depression.

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result"
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