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Re: sLD

I have felt I have always struggled with mathematics. My brother and father prided on themselves of being a math wiz and engineers. They had no difficulty with trig and basic algebra. I however had never passed algebra in high school. I also never took physics, biology, chemistry, or the SAT/ACT. I was brought up that school time was the only time to do school work. If you didn’t understand the work, it was because you didn’t listen to the teacher. If you had homework, it was because you didn’t finish your work in time. If you worked on school work after school you were taking up time from something else like chores or employment.

When I became a single parent, I worked 60+ hours a week and I knew that was not sustainable. I sold my house, quit my job and moved to go to school. I wasn't even aware that you had to wait for an acceptance letter… oops. It was the closest I could be to a stay home parent. I started my college career with two daughters 4 & 6, a new location, no job and no friends. After 4 years, two hours of sleep a night (no joke, there was a news story about it) and almost exactly 20 years after graduating high school, I earned my degree in Economics.

It wasn’t without academic challenges. I took an accelerated physics class in the summer and had to learn quantum mechanics in a few hours for a mid-term exam an hour later. I had to drive 1,000 miles to take the kids to see their mother and had to take the exam early. – I not only had to finally pass algebra, I had to take calculus and statistics. The only saving grace was that we were not allowed to use calculators in calculus (we didn’t even have calculators in high school). Most of the other students although could rock the graphing calculator, they relied too heavily on it and the field leveled out a bit going "old school". – I passed chemistry (but still don’t understand how to do the chemistry math thing) by studying with a cute coed more than half my age (I dated her on and off for a few years). – My senior year in college I just needed credits and one class I took was a math class music majors had to take for their math requirement. It was actually fun but the professor told me he wanted to fail me for using logarithms on the final project because it wasn’t part of the class. I explained that the tools I used wasn’t the important aspect of the project, the final results were done by keeping things simple (as taught in class). – I had to take some history classes and made the mistake that (3) three classes fell into one semester. I had a minimum of 450 pages to read a week.

Before college I read maybe one book and struggled with math. Now I read at least a 1,000 pages a month for fun and help people obtain their GED or assist with basic aptitude tests for employment once in a while. I still struggle, but I don’t fear the topics as I had done in the past. I just take my time and work through my hurdles.
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