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Re: Urine drug test in 4 days... will I pass?

Originally Posted by Grafter View Post

You may not find much help here with your question... I'll explain why.

Please correct me if I am wrong. My "assumption" from your post, your 1st and only post, is that you are not diagnosed with ADHD and you are not prescribed stimulant medication. I apologize in advance if I am wrong.

Many of us here LEGITIMATELY need these medications to help correct chemical deficiencies and imbalances within our brains. These drugs offer us the opportunity to function in a world that has little understanding for our condition. In fact, many people refuse to believe in the existence of our problem.

This is partially due to people like your self who, for personal gain and recreation, abuse the exact same drugs we desperately need just to function in a normal, and socially acceptable, manner. Everytime some jack-fuc* "borrows" some Adderall or Ritilan so that they can stay up all night "studying" it gives us a bad name, and hurts the perception that mnay people have regarding our disease.

In the future, please just go to the corner and buy some speed the next time you need a "boost." That way, you only harm yourself instead of harming every person here that legitimately needs these drugs.

Shame on you, and shame on whoever let you "borrow" their Adderall.
Thanks for the reply big Graft.
Does anybody mature have any helpful replies?? Thanks
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