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Re: Urine drug test in 4 days... will I pass?

Originally Posted by dave131 View Post
Hey guys. I borrowed a 10mg Adderall tablet (not the XR capsule) and took it yesterday morning around 8am to help study for a test that I had today. I have a pre-hire screening in 3 more days that will include a urine drug test.
I haven't taken any more Adderall since then.

Do you think I will pass the drug test?
There will have been 103 hours (4 days and 7 hours) since the time I have taken the last 10mg dose (this is the first time I have taken Adderall in about 8 months).

Also, how can I help to get it out of my system so it doesnt show up on the urine drug test?
As a fellow druggie, amphetamines usually stay in your system from 2-4 days. Drink plenty of water if you want to try to flush it out a little quicker.

Originally Posted by Grafter View Post
In the future, please just go to the corner and buy some speed the next time you need a "boost." That way, you only harm yourself instead of harming every person here that legitimately needs these drugs.
So you would rather him go out and buy unregulated methampthetamine which has no real consistency in dose or purity and is manufactured using god knows what. Personally I would rather have him pop a little adderall then to go fully destroying his body with street meth.

Now I will agree with you on him abusing medication for his own selfish needs is stupid. In all reality he most likely didn't need the medication at all. I think collage students need to stop ****ing partying and study when they are supposed to.

This also boils down to the real question though, are educational institutions overloading the students with too much work? Is are modern day society to blame, teaching bad work ethic and telling everyone they can cure there problems with a pill.

I don't know where I'm going with this, I thought I was on the verge of a revelation but I lost it.
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