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Visa interview went horribly wrong..maybe Adhd to blame?

Trying to keep it a bit short, this was regarding my US visa. I was very excited to visit and attend a concert in San Fran. All the formalities done,application submitted, it was time for the interview.

Although I usually suck with interviews, Id prepared well for days together in advance for this one.Im sure as far as I can recall,had anxiety under control(didn't sweat/overthink/fidget around)and was generally confident about the outcome. My turn came and started with me greeting the officer.
Upon being asked questions regarding my previous visits, I named 4 places I went but forgot to mention 2 of them. I do suffer from brain fog and sometimes have trouble recalling from memories. A few other questions to which I needed repeating,much to his annoyance.(I'm serious)He proceeds to ask for the passport and in turn,goes through it and asks me the reason I skipped out on the 2 places, to which I honestly replied about my memory not serving me well. Next came the 'purpose of visit' and promptly 'what kind of visit'. While answering the latter he simply pushes the refusal letter and shrugs saying "I cant do this. I ASKED YOU 3 TIMES YOU'RE AVOIDING A DIRECT QUESTION"

that was really unexpected and if my taking a bit of time to assimilate and reply affects outcomes, I can safely say Id never get a visa in future.

I really get into trouble during job interviews and viva exams as well and situations like this crush my confidence even further.I take time replying, make mistakes and it works against me.No amount of preparation EVER helped. Can anyone relate?
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