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Re: Not really sure ... looking around ...

Mostly rock music but I'm very open minded about it ... as long as it isn't shallow.

I see a therapist (for various mental problems) and I think he is going to say I have ADD... don't know why really. I've only recently started to read about ADD and it does describe me a bit ...

I'm very chaotic in my head... I think a lot of things at the same time. I get bored very easily and start daydreaming or zone out. I have trouble concentrating if something doesn't interest me (and I have very specific interest fields). If I have to study something then I'll be thinking about something completly different a few minutes later and then I have to bring back my attention to my work again ... and so on.

But I'm rather good at organising things... but then again only if it interests me and then I hyper focus on that one thing and make sure it is perfect in any way (I get really stressed if it isn't perfect).

At high school I could only study when there was pressure ... I always had good marks so nobody commented on it.

I have dealt with severe depression (mostly from past issues, but now I start to think it could be linked to me not fitting in in high school, being bored all the time, thinking too much, ...) also very prone to all sorts of self-destructive behaviour ... I'm a perfectionist and recently ahve been getting panick attacks...

Um ... that's a bit of a summary ... hope it makes sense ...
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