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Re: Face to Face: Adderall and Cortisol?

Hello to all, I am new to this forum and had to join as my search for an answer in regards to the relationship of taking Adderall/Ritalin and increased levels of cortisol is a topic with many answers.

My heart goes out to the original poster of this question. It is my personal experience/conclusion that Yes!Yes!Yes! is the answer and please allow me to explain. I have spent countless hours researching this question of high cortisol and it's adverse effects concerning weight gain and muscle loss. Again, it is my own experience that I am speaking from today. I am presently taking 10mg of Ritalin/day. I have been taking this medication for over a year. I could write volumes on what I learned from my research but I will keep it as simple as I can here on this post.

I enjoyed a 10 lb.weight loss as an added benefit during the first 8 months of taking this medication. Considering that the stresses in my life have not changed, I have experienced a huge change in weight gain since December of last year. I am a petite, 124 lb. woman who is moderately active and I have gained over 10 lbs during the past 4 months... As soon as the first 5 lbs. went on, I immediately began several lifestyle changes. I forced myself to get more sleep (the usual 4 hours was apparently bad both physically and mentally), I started making better choices with my eating and stopped almost all processed sugar foods and started grazing (small meals throughout the day to keep blood sugar stable) and I increased my vitamin intake: 2000 mg of Vitamin C, 1000mg of B5-Pantothenic Acid in addition to many other supplements too long to list at this time. I have seen a slight 2 lb improvement. I am disappointed that my little changes will take time to have benefits and I am powering through currently on ways to get rid of the dreaded fluffy cortisol fat. There are many variables to consider and I truly believe that we are all different in how we metabolize foods, our environments, genetics and age. I cannot give a general answer to everyone (on medication or simply dealing with middle aged stress), however I have witnessed weight gain and huge amount of muscle mass loss on my ex-husband who has been taking Adderall for several years. His situation is a whole other story and it does not have a happy ending as his testosterone tanked very soon into starting his Adderall therapy and he is severely unbalanced in body, mind and spirit.

Thank you for the opportunity to just begin scratching the surface on this topic. It is my true understanding that each of us has the ability to be at the optimum level of our individual and unique personal best if we simply listen to our inner voices. If the original poster (sorry I haven't acknowledged real name) is asking if cortisol production and their medication are related? There is an extremely strong probability that it is indeed happening to their body.
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