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Re: Face to Face: Adderall and Cortisol?

I really don't know too much about adderall and cortisol, but here's something to consider. I was a vegetarian for years and, despite constant exercise could never really build enough muscle mass-- I was skinny but never as toned as I wanted to be despite lots of running and weightlifting. When a vegetarian, I did make every effort to consume enough protein. I'm sure my diet was heavy on the carb side since I didn't eat any meat and I think this was a lot of the problem. Anyhow, about a year ago, I found out I had Celiac's disease and have to be on a special diet for it. I can no longer consume anything with gluten (no wheat, oats, barley or rye). Naturally, most carb food types are eliminated from this diet. I eat a very high protein diet-- meat, fish, nuts, cheese, fruits, vegetables. I can eat rice and potatoes but don't eat a lot of them. I now have more energy than ever and build and maintain muscle very easily. Furthermore, now that I rarely consume carbohydrate-laden foods, I really notice that they make me feel like crap if I eat too many. You might just want to try changing your diet and eliminating most grain products and see if this makes a difference. It sure did for me. And another aside, I've always been slender but am now more slender as a result of my dietary change. My mom has to follow the same diet and she lost 30 lbs. without trying and without worrying about what she ate.
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