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Re: Face to Face: Adderall and Cortisol?

Greetings all, and I am glad to see this thread has received more response from members, as I it virtually went without answer when originally posted. While I think adderall alone DOES increase cortisol levels to some degree, by itself they are marginal if one practices good diet and sleep patterns. I come to realise that most of my issues with cortisol were aggravated by other factors as. First and foremost, I was drinking an excessive ammount of coffee while taking adderall. Caffiene is also know to aggravate cortisol levels, and it would also cause me at times to get tempermental. Secondly, I was doing way too much aerobic excercise while not eating enough at the same time. Basically doing high burn with low fuel, and from what I've can increase cortisol levels. Finally, and mostly, I was not getting an ample ammount of sleep due to the combination of coffee and adderall mixed together. While I would sleep (from exhaustion) I was not getting any TRUE sleep. I now do slow cardio, and walk an hour a day. I consume 6 small balanced meals a day. I try to eat a high protien breakfast in the morning. I drink more water as suggested in some of the post above, and limit my coffee to one small cup in the morning. With these changes I am now loosing weight again; looking and feeling a lot better. When one is taking adderall one should keep in the back of thier mind that you can loose track of how much you are not eating or how overexerted your body might be without knowing it. I primarily take adderall for inattentive ADD, and I don't want anyone to confuse me as associating it much as a DIET drug. It does however help some of us have the focus and energy to improve our physical health and appearance. Which is another good benefit I get from taking adderall.
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