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ADHD; They can take their H and Shove it..

Yes, I said it! Take your “H” and shove it. Sorry to those of you who are reading that are partial to the hyperactive type of ADHD. I simply cannot stand all the attention being given to the Hyperactive type of ADHD. They used just to call it ADD but in 1994 they changed it to ADHD and placed us non-hyperactives in a “subtype” as ADHD; Predominantly Inattentive (ADHD-PI). I understand that even if it was still called ADD that they would still have subtypes listed but we would be at least on even ground with the Hypers. The hyperactive type would have been listed as a subtype along with non-hyperactive(inattentive) type. It is frustrating to know that they added the “H” which glorified the hyperactive type and minimized the inattentive type. Also by listing our type as ADHD-PI, it makes it look like we have “hyperactivity” but we are more inattentive than the usual ADHD’ers. Well let me say this loud and clear for all those ADHD experts out there(at least the ones from 1994)…..WE ARE NOT HYPERACTIVE! We don’t have one iota of Hyperactivity in our being. So why were we changed to be listed under ADHD! I don’t get it. We are type of ADD, for sure, but not type of ADHD, right?
Can anyone help me understand the adding of the “H”.
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