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Re: Adderall XR, Birth Control, Hormone Fluctuations... Journal Thread!

Ok so it turns out the stomach cramps and nausea were either unrelated to the Seasonique or it was a one time thing. I've continued to take it and have not had any troubles the last two nights that I've taken it. I also have experienced a noticeable improvement in mood over the past couple days but this could be due to any number of things.

I've started taking 5HTP as well as omega 3's which could have improved things. My energy levels have increased which is really helpful. Last week I was in a really dark place and I'm just happy the fog is starting to clear. I did notice some chest fluttering (anxiety?) today which I heard was pretty common after starting any BC but it's manageable.

My Adderall has still not had any noticeable effects but I am taking it as prescribed on a regular basis and hoping I'll be able to start seeing some improvements in ADHD symptoms. When I mention not noticing any effects, I'm referring to not being able to tell I've taking it. Before I used to be able to gauge whether or not it was doing something when I would notice a subtle difference as it was wearing off... my processing got a little slower and I was sometimes lost for words and kind of spacey. I haven't been noticing this at all lately. Perhaps it's just become undetectable in my system as my body has adapted to it. I always need to check to make sure I've even taken it. Writing it down helps when I am unsure of whether I have or not.

I keep reading about people losing their hair while taking Seasonique which is definitely a concern since Adderall seems to already dry my skin and hair out causing noticeable breakage. Would taking a prenatal vitamin help with this perhaps?

That's where I am at. Doing a lot better I'd say.
Diagnosis: ADHD-C (Nov '12) Narcolepsy (Aug '15) Dysthymia, Generalized Anxiety (Sept '14)
Medication: Adderall XR, Klonopin (tapering off), Clonidine
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