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Smile Re: The ghost of Christmas Past

Originally Posted by anonymouslyadd View Post
Think of some of the funniest movies you've ever seen, and think about the quotes you loved about them.

Write a couple quotes down on notecards (one quote per notecard) and carry them around with you. I keep mine in my back pocket held together by a binder clip. For you, it might be a purse? The key is you want to have them ready to pull out VERY QUICKLY like a gunslinger pulling his gun from his holster.

I also carry a notecard with all of the things I'm grateful for in my life.

Edit: Good luck.

This is something that I would suggest too... You may not find my brand of humor funny - but here goes..

*****At the beginning of the movie The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy runs away and meets up with The Wizard... She asks him "can I come with you to meet the Crown Heads of Europe?" He responds by saying "Do you know any? Oh, you mean the thing.. he points to his wagon that advertises him as having met The Crown Heads of Europe.. *****

I hope your day has gone ok..
I'm thinking of you and sending hugs your way..
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