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Re: Beginning the Journey

He's lucky to have a mom like you! It sounds like you really know him and listen to him and are looking out for him. Sorry to hear you're having difficulty with his teacher. We are having a similar issue which is why I just joined the board. Perhaps teaching him that there are some people we need to tolerate but that not everyone "gets us" would be helpful. Will he have the teacher again next year?

Having a relaxing summer might help. Sometimes the anxieties they've been bottling up all year, just to get through the stress, come out during the summer months (I noticed this last summer). Maybe he feels safe now and can let his stress out? I know it's painful to see your child suffer...believe me.

I will definitely try to use the summer to help my daughter relax and feel good about herself- will try to give her opportunities to see that she's more than okay!
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