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Anyone else a forager?

I've found foraging for food very enjoyable. It might help ADD people eat better in the following ways.

-It is interesting to prep something new and unusual(so long as the labor isn't too much...I harvested a bunch of acorns and doubt I will get around to processing them anytime soon)

-Can be as strenuous, easy, or difficult as you want it to be. Whether it is a hike nearby for some stinging nettles, sitting on a dock jigging squid, studying maps, field-guides, and weather and then trekking into the woods after mushrooms, or freediving in hopes of shooting flounder/perch...runs the gamut.

-fulfills that need to be doing something productive

-I don't feel bad for doing something very simple and wolfing it down...because hey that might have been a really expensive meal at a restaurant!
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