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Re: sLD

Originally Posted by CasioCurious View Post
For me, I can't process information. For example, I know the language people are using, but I just can't decide it fast enough. It worse when I keep reading a long sentence and I really don't understand it's meaning.
I understand all the words that are being used, but when they are all structured together-- I get lost.
Sometimes, when people give me simple instructions that a 7 year old could understand, I nod my head and go somewhere and talk to myself and figure what the hell they just said.
cant agree more with the 'fast enough' bit. I process like 80% of what I perceive specially while reading but then the recollection is a big problem.Its like im super confident of whatever i learnt and go like 'its not possible to forget' but the next day its almost amnesia.Its difficult to even articulate and put together the memory of what i read earlier unless I get a strong reference(sometimes, that doesnt help either)
I can read something extremely well to the point of being the fastest reader but I wont understand crap of what i just read. I'll hyperfocus on reading correctly but my mind is already in some la la land
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