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Re: sLD

Originally Posted by Funky1 View Post
I've been very be diagnosed with dyscalculia, but I cam identify with most of what you're saying. Good with the lower level stuff, yet I've tried to take college algebra three times now and still can't even finish the class let alone pass it.

I've long suspected I have some form of dyslexia, I loved to read growing up but I always had a hard time with anything I wasn't deeply interested in reading. i struggled through all of it, but books that got my attention kept me engaged enough to push through the issues to where most teachers thought I was fine.
yeah it seems our brains work more efficiently with subjects that interest for the others, there's a struggle to assimilate and 'digest' the information and by the time we're close enough to grasp we're already tired and very depressed. Atleast in my case this was a constant battle. But then going through some interesting story book with maybe pop art,it becomes a different world altogether, I can process,assimilate anything much faster.
No clue how autism works or its impairments though, since i wasn't diagnosed nor know anyone who is.
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