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Should I Look For A New Job?

So I decided to keep sticking this job out being here almost 9 months now. Everyday has not been like this at work, I don't know if I hate what I do, I definitely don't get any satisfaction, other than talking to workers about non-work related things. (my weaknesses in this career is not being detailed enough and not prioritizing tasks(boss tells me to slow down), besides that my rent is getting paid and I have some spending money.

When I started the occupational safety and health program at college I found it interesting. I even would let my roommates know what we discussed in class. The only two classes in my program I disliked the most was risk and insurance, and system safety. At the end of the two years from being in the program couple months before graduation, I began to feel irritated from the assignments and lost interest and started to doubt myself.

I woke up today wanting to get a new car and generally in a great mood, I went to the gym and when I got back work was 2 hours away, I started to dwell and over think about work and whether I like it or not as it relates to interest, and even worrying if I meet a girl and how i would handle overthinking my career before going to work would affect the relationship.

When I got to work I was not in a good mood and could not put a smile on when co-workers were greeting me, I had to go into the supply room and take a breather. After I went in there, I could not sit at my desk to work on anything I just did not feel like being at work, so I decided I need to get outside and go on a inspection.

I spoke to one of close workers at first I still felt awkward as I know I just not feeling it, and I just tried my best to turn things around until I found out he liked watching Japanese animation and I did too so that changed my mood a little bit. When I got back to my desk feeling little better, I saw my boss come in and was just quiet and tried to keep myself busy to stop overthinking when she spoke to me if I would be in trouble. After she left and now I'm alone in the office since I work nights, I feel more relaxed and relieved.

I have been making repeated small detail mistakes on emails and paperwork. Last night she spoke to me regarding CC day shift to on items, last night after I followed up via email on inspection I even reviewed it to make sure it makes sense and spelled correctly, the issue I didn't know until she pointed it via email this morning that I forgot to include the dayshift plant managers.

I definitely noticed I do jump from interest to interest without mastering the skill, like piano, guitar. started to plant peppers and I love spicy foods, but seeds wouldn't grow so I procrastinated that. I had a period of wanting to improve my stereo system since I love music and drive with music everywhere I go, but I don't want to become deaf from subwoofers and the cost, so I put that off.

I tried Concerta/Adderal of all doses and I just feel amped, and want to seek conversations.
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