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I think I have figure out the core wound (well my core wound)

while writing the notion, I'm treading lightly with the notion.

whenever I go my mother what I have noticed is I have to say I love her and not the otherway around. going through my memories I've always had to do this from what I remember.

it pains me to even think the notion that she is the core wound and why it's been so hard to actually love myself for myself, and why a wound like this could be the reason why projection has been my main way of communicating.

so I'm asking anyone here that has any knowledge on this kind of wound. I mean, I know I have adhd and it was probably pretty hard to mirror.... eh, am I making an excuse right there?

the only time I have any communication with her is watching tv shows now and then. however, I've slowly been saying no to her.

and I love her, don't get me wrong, as her son and nothing else (something I think I need to say to get the notion in my mind, I don't think she gave me any boundaries). I understand that narc abuse is generational and if this is the case, if this is the wound, I forgive her cause the knowledge I have gained about narc wounds.

and if it is the case, I'm glad that I have gone to a therapist to help me realize whats going on.
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