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Re: I think I have figure out the core wound (well my core wound)

well, let me relate a bit of what happened at therapy last friday.

I was, had, no vitality. I got done projecting and my therapist asked me(him the therapist) if it was about him or them (heh didn't project).

I don't know, the therapist and everything just got clear. and he said "good to see me" and, even though I had no vitality, I knew that from what he said to me that it was time to get into gear, finnaly figure out bounderies, more about myself (and I'm having way more bubble up to the surface just writing that), how projection works (so I know how to, hear it , that's what I did in the other thread).

today (well yesterday) I've done nothing but what I know does it for me, in a leisurely way. I'm assuming that letting go of all the insecurity that I absorbed (guessing) is what made me have no vitality, and now I have some vitality (I'm actually feeling pretty good). allready (not in the thread but on a piece of paper)I've been able to right down some thoughts that have no reason to be in my head.

also, oddly enough, the end of last session was how I said "I have a calander on my wall" and I know that the metaphor for the pshyche is a walled up closure, utilizing a calander is a weakness of mine, something me and the therapist have talked about for a long time.

and what I'm asking you turdoise or any anyone else, should I ask her to say she loves me or not, in a parent to son way (that I'd probably only know about in my own noggin). or will it even matter if she does. (I'm not projecting I'm asking, heh, I don't know the answer so I'm asking others)

probably the most frightening question I can ask cause of how ridiculous the question sounds, hehe
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