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Re: hello and some rambling

Originally Posted by sarahsweets View Post
Do you mean you self diagnosed and then went to a doctor and got the diagnosis? Like Aeon I am wondering if you plan on seeking treatment?
I am planning on getting treatment. I don't exactly know if what did/what happened would be called self diagnosing and going to a doctor?? If having an idea of what could be causing my struggles and seeking help qualifies, then yes. If you mean I came up with it and asked a doctor for verification then no i guess. A very close friend (with ADD herself) was the one who suspected I might have ADHD and told me to get myself 'looked at' if you will. I went to my general practitioner, told him i'd been struggling with uni and was looking for help because at this point i needed some, i also told him my friend with ADD was the one who had told me to get myself tested as she saw a lot of her own behavior in me as well. The general practitioner came to the same conclusion as my friend, that it might be ADHD, and referred me to a specialized agency for providing support and diagnosing adults with AD(H)D. Eventually after seeing multiple psychiatrists, nurses and doing computer tests i got the diagnosis.
Does this answer your first question?
Now for the seeking treatment part. I am still discovering what is possible with regard to treatment. I have been prescribed dexamphetamine and as of right now i'm seeing a nurse every few weeks (and keeping in contact via email) to check if the medication is helping, working correctly, if i want to continue using it etc. They also provide cognitive behavior therapy. However if you start that therapy you have to be there every week (i think, or every two weeks). My course planning for the upcoming weeks shifts a lot and it is not possible for me to go there on set times. you're also not allowed to miss an appointment more than two times and seeing as going on a holiday with my family because of summer vacation has already been planned it simply will be a bit difficult to get that therapy right now, logistically. I talked with the nurse there and it's been decided that once the new school year starts i'll also start the therapy as my course schedule is more stable next year.
So to answer your question concisely; i'm starting cognitive behavior therapy in a few months.
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