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Re: hello and some rambling

Originally Posted by Lunacie View Post
Welcome to the forum.

For someone who rambles, you have included some very coherent thoughts.
I'm glad you went for diagnosis. Once you know something, you can't un-know it, so better to get it confirmed.

I agree there's a mindset these days (probably further back than I realize)
of comparing what each person is going through or dealing with. And it's just
so redonkulous. Telling someone they can't be really sad because someone
else has it worse makes no more sense than telling someone they can't be
happy because someone else has it better. You know?
Yep that is exactly what i mean! It's difficult to deal with that mindset for all parties too. If you have not been through what society would call 'an extremely difficult situation' you're barely allowed to speak up when sad or hurt. If you have been through something people would judge as coming straight from a horror movie, everyone becomes scared to talk to you, about anything. like a heavy subject is too heavy to even speak or think about. It's lonesome when all people can do or say is 'you must have such a difficult life'. There is so much more consolation in being able to openly cry or mourn together even if your troubles may fall elsewhere on the so called scale, than when one is holding back tears as to not burden someone else with their problems and the other is holding back tears because they feel they aren't allowed to cry because their life isn't hard enough.

I think you may be the first person on this planet to actually call what i write down coherent XD because my high school teachers certainly didn't think so. I have been getting told off for years now hehe.
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