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Re: hello and some rambling

Originally Posted by Lunacie View Post
Well, it wasn't at all coherent for me until one of the mods broke it down
into smaller paragraphs. For me, a wall-of-text with no breaks is overwhelming.
Ah, of course, that makes sense. A wall of text would be overwhelming for anyone.

It's really challenging for me to revise something i write. I dump by thoughts on paper in one go. I find looking over something after I've written it is really difficult.

I now have to practice writing scientific papers for university and it made me realize how much of a struggle this actually is for me.
Getting words on paper is not a problem, finding interesting articles isn't either.
Summarizing my intentions into extremely short texts where every word is of importance requires me to go over something multiple times.
I have to get rid of information that is not important, but to me, is interesting.

I have yet to figure out how i can make this easier for myself.
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