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Originally Posted by RADDmom
I gave a copy of this list to the principal's secretary to get it OK'd to put in mail boxes. It never showed up.

I also gave each student with ADD a copy of the Top 10 Benefits of having ADD. They loved it. I will now give a copy of the 12 Things along with the 10 Benefits to each kid. I also post copies in my room. My goal is to show all students that ADD is a difference, not a label.

Having ADD has allowed me to really build relationships with all my students. They know I care. Besides, they know when teachers have ADD. I miss the interaction with my students this summer, but really needed the sanity break.
RADDmom i would love to know where you got the list of 10 thing...? send me the link or .pdf, .do, .txt what ever works for you!


and also thanks to original poster that mad me feel so... good reading that, you (or who ever wrote that) really did a good job! and also is the 10 things the same as the homework tips topic?
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