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Re: 12 Things ADHD High Schoolers want their Teachers to Know

I also wish my teachers had this when I was younger. I wasn't diagnosed till more recently. All of my teachers called me stupid and forgetful when I was younger. They'd refuse to let me have recess (as a punishment) in front of the class. So, I'd be pretty embarrassed, plus the afternoon would be pretty awful cause I had all this energy, and I hadn't gotten recess.

Elementary school just plain stunk - we never got to leave our desks, other teachers came to us, we never moved from those teensy little annoying desks, and they always assigned my seat with a bunch of boys so that I wouldn't talk, and things were never that great at home, so forget homework - when I did do it, it somehow lost its way. I used to break my pencil tips just so that I could get up, until one of my teachers had the 'brilliant' idea of giving me a hand-held pencil sharpener.
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-First - 18mg in morning
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Still doesn't help.
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