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Re: 12 Things ADHD High Schoolers want their Teachers to Know

Originally Posted by Alex9 View Post
This is so true. In elementary school they used to make a big deal out my adhd and they would do all sorts of stuff that didnt help, definitely drew attention to my adhd. In 5th grade, my teacher gave me these check lists everyday that had everything I needed to do and it was laminated so that I could use a dry erase maker to check stuff off as I did it. People used to ask me what it was, and that embarrassed me. And it was embarrassing as heck when the school psychologist had to take me out of classes and everyone saw her walk into the class room and me leaving with her. Thank god the middle school psychologist realized in 6th grade that I wasnt a future serial killer and I didnt need to see him.

On the flip side, I still need extra time on tests, but thats my only "accommodation". I dont even have an iep anymore, just a "classroom accommodation list" with 2 things on it haha

Wow! She gave you a laminated check list. *shakes head* My IEP was pretty ridiculous too. When the learning support showed me the proof version I was cracking up!! Two points were ''Ash will put her pen down and fold her arms if she is stuck and a teacher will come and help her". LOL and "If Ash has her head on the desk, the teacher will tap her on the shoulder". What on earth? hee hee! I thought there wasn't supposed to be any physical contact! LOL!
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