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I don't see ADD as having any correlation to birth order. Two possible explanations for seeing some sort of "answer" in the numbers would be: IF the numbers say that younger children were more likely to have it, I'd see that as an indication that perhaps (with the omega-3 stuff I've been reading up on) the mother's stores of omega-3 are depleted over time and therefore younger kids get less of it in utero; or IF the numbers say that the oldest is ADD I'd suspect that it is more often an oldest child who is diagnosed or expected to perform at a higher level and therefore it is noticed, while with younger children perhaps the child is just seen as the typical "clown" and "messed up" youngest child type--and is therefore undiagnosed and not likely to be visiting a forum.

Edited to add that although I answered with "middle child" I have been tested by a psychologist who is a friend as exhibiting traits of both first, middle and lastborn children. That is because I am the third of four (technically middle), but my older siblings are 18 months apart, there is a gap of 7 years, and my younger brother and I are 14 months apart. So I am a youngest in that my younger brother and I were always "the little kids" compared to the older two, and I am the oldest in that my older siblings were out of the house and I was the oldest child actually at home for many years.
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