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Re: Why doesn't adderall keep working for me?

Originally Posted by gimmeabreak View Post
Well compare the days with Adderall against the days without it. If you take adderall and get used to it in two weeks, then go maybe two weeks without, compare the differences. Adderall is not meant to give you "superman" effects. The only difference you should notice is that your somewhat more motivated, attentive, less impulsive. Adderall is not going to work by itself, you need to have the discipline to push yourself too.
My problem, isn't really motivation, it's focus. When I was in high school I would spend 8+ hours sitting there working on homework every day after school because it took me so long to process things. The way I usually compare Adderall vs non Adderall is how difficult is to read and have conversation because that's where I have the most problems. Recently when I started Adderall XR, it didn't help with focus, sure it gave a euphoria the first time but that didn't help with my focus just kept me stuck on the task-more obsessive if you will. I'm already obsessive and persistent-I don't have issues with keeping at something...just the ability to process things efficiently. Does that make sense?

I also just noticed you are currently taking Lamictal. Lamictal is a scary drug, and don't understand why its on the market. I'm sure you're aware of the potentially fatal toxic epidermal necrolysis, aka Lamictal Rash.
Folks, as I mentioned in my posting, Lamictal is one of the medications I have TRIED...not currently on. And yes, I did read about the rash issues before taking, I was fortunate not to experience any side effects but did not experience any good effects either. All I was taking was Lamictal at the time.

Try these stimulants..... DEXEDRINE or DESOXYN

Your odds of being prescribed them are probably ZERO
I was prescribed dexedrine but it didn't seem to help, just more obsessive-not clear headed. I also couldn't go a hold of the name brand? Apparently it's discontinued and only the generic is available. Generic amphetamines tend to be crap. Especially TEVA brand. Never get Teva Adderall, it's horrible and should be taken off the market.

I didn't know about desoxyn until a few days doctors ever mentioned it and I haven't read many people taking it. Some time down the road I'll probably try it. My psych has never refused prescribing a med I've suggested..including Dexedrine.

Sbcy, just out of curiosity how does the focalin effect you? I'm on it as well an would like to compare my experiences with yours. Also how would u consort it to Ritalin? Thanks
Focalin gave a very similar feeling to ritalin. It made me want to work but I wasn't anymore clear headed. Just a "high" if you will or nothing at all. If ritalin works for you, Focalin probably will too.

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