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Re: Memory Training Unlikely to Help in Treating ADHD

Originally Posted by Dizfriz View Post
Sigh, if this is accurate, then another treatment that I wished would work goes down the drain.

For children, we have medication and behavior management. We could sure use something else that really works.


These studies are done on children and adults.

The brain is 90% of the adult size before the age of 3.

Do you have any research about prenatal and the first 3 to 7 years of life?

This is the time that I think is most important to focus on.

In regards to memory and ADHD and Commorbids.

I have no idea what type of memory training is mentioned in this article.

And do not promote it.

I am interested in something different,

if you are interested ?

Have you ever heard of neural pruning,

during the critical time of development?
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