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Impulse control and sweets

Good Afternoon,

My son is 8. He has been diagnosed with ADHD and Anxiety. He is
A very sweet and well mannered child, the only issues we
Have ever had with him is with sitting still and attention.

He has started sneaking food that he knows he shouldnít be eating without permission, especially in the middle of the night. For example he ate 6 ice cream sandwiches. He is only 52 pounds eating to that extent should mke him sick, I would think. We have discussed making better choices if he wakes up hungry, like making a sandwich or something with sustenance but he always reverts to junk. Always. I started punishing him for the poor choices and to be honest he doesnít seem phased by it. Itís like he has zero impulse control. Has anyone else experienced this? Iím at my witts end.
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