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Re: Impulse control and sweets

Originally Posted by Mcosta21980 View Post
Itís funny how many assumptions are made and how judgmental people get. It was clearly noted that I have had discussions with him about eating things of sustenance in the middle of the night. And yes he gets punished but itís something like not getting his treat after dinner because he already chose to eat it then...I am not hanging the kid upside down by his toenails for crying out loud. He is rewarded for good behaviors. And there will always be consequences for rules broken.... that is just the way I run my house. My question was more about if it was common place for ADHD people to experience a craving for carbohydrates or sweets? Is there any correlation between meds and cravings? I appreciate everyoneís opinions And next time I will ensure my questions are framed better because I wasnít looking for parenting advice.
ADHD people crave food when their medicine wears off. Easily accessible, don't have to mess with it (like making a sandwich), mass quantities of food is the craving. The easier the better, the more filling the better.

Last night I heard sounds outside of my bedroom at 11:30pm, it was my 15 year old making an entire box of fish sticks, an ENTIRE BOX! I obviously need to go to the store and get more easy to eat items, but he did eat them all. He has permission to use the stove, I'm sure your son is not old enough to use the stove, but it sounds like he's eating what's available.

I've also been known to buy my kids milkshakes in the morning with their breakfast on the weekends. Both my kids can't maintain their weight due to the meds, so what's the harm in some milkshakes? And what's the harm in some ice cream sandwiches?

If you are dead set on the sandwich thing you could make two every night before you go to bed and put it in the fridge for him....this will be a lot of wasted food if he doesn't wake up, but he's more likely to eat the sandwich if it's made. You may have had conversations with him about eating certain things at night, just like you have had conversation with him about doing his homework, turning in his homework, try to focus....etc. You can either work with your son and his glitches and compromise on what he can eat in the middle of the night, or you can have a very tough next 10 years. The "My way is the only right way" doesn't work with my son, we have to find a compromise that he TRULY accepts, or it's just a waste of time because he will do what his instincts tell him to do.
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