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Re: She left

I think she's being ridiculous. Sometimes the best way to de-escalate drama is to simply not put up with it. If she can't even be in the same room with you for a professional family therapy session, then how can she handle actually living with you?

The only minor compromise I would make would be to give her the option of attending the first half of the family therapy session by herself, so that she can give the therapist her side of the story. Afterwards, she can decide to leave, or she can stay. If she stays, then both you and your husband will be there. If she doesn't attend further family sessions, then she is making the decision to remain alienated from further family contact.

Don't let her sap your energy. Don't let her keep manipulating and dividing your family. As far as I can tell, you're not an evil mother. If Becca thinks you're evil, then why is she even contemplating returning home? So clearly, she does not think you're evil. Thus, Becca should be willing to at least allow you to be present during the family therapy session.

I'm not even a part of your family, and this Becca drama is driving me nuts! I can't begin to imagine how this must have impacted you. You're allowed to have your own physical and mental health needs. Sure, sometimes we all need to compromise a bit, but ultimately if it doesn't feel right deep inside, then just put your foot down.
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