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Re: Ways on how to amplify or increase the effects and benefits of stimulants drugs!!

Originally Posted by traveller View Post
I find that physical activity helps me to increase the effects of Adderall when I feel like my concentration is fading but it's not been more than 5 hours since the last dose, so it's not yet time to take another one.
Basically when taking Adderall, I end up working in front of the computer for extended periods of time so I'm just sitting and not moving at all (except when going to the restroom). So every hour or two I'll try to break myself away from what I'm doing and run around the room for a bit or something stupid like that. Or I'll take a short walk outside. Of course this is beneficial not just when taking Amphetamines, but I've noticed that with Adderall, the good effects are way more noticable, i.e. by concentration will increase a lot.
Agreed. Some people need to move, and our society almost casts shame on the kid who can't sit still. I knew a guy who would play lacrosse, then run 5-7 miles every day because he was just so hyper. Office buildings are terrible.
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