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Im taking adderall 30mg 2x daily and the effects are wearing off to fast, like every 5 hrs i have to dose leaving me with no adderall in my system which would be benificial for another 6-8 hrs, say after 8pm. So i take adderall at 10mg then at 3pm , then i need another dose at 8pm because i do alot of research at night. So im thinking of lowering the adderall dose to 15mg, or even 22.5 and adding a stimulant to each dose, possibly caffeine, but more potent ephedra. I used to take ephedrine alot and i did have some good stimulation from it, for at least 6 hrs, but it was not like adderall, which is less anxiety ridden and more for add. But unless my doc can take me up to 3x daily, i must search for another method
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