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Re: Cost of Vyvanse

In case this helps, keep in mind that, in general, the cost of medication is based primarily on the *number* of pills, not the dosage. You could probably replicate the effects of Vyvanse reasonably well by just taking generic IR Adderall or Dexedrine, and dividing the dosage into smaller dosages throughout the day. Most IR pills are scored so that you can divide it in half, or even fourths.

For instance, let's say 50 mg Vyvanse roughly equals 20 mg Adderall. Then you could take 10 mg IR Adderall in the morning, 5 mg IR Adderall around noon, and 5 mg IR Adderall late afternoon/early evening.

30 Vyvanse pills would cost around $250-300 out of pocket. 30 20mg IR generic Adderall pills would cost you around $20 out of pocket (plus your insurance would be more likely to cover it, so you could end up paying even less).

Clinical studies (if you believe them) seem to indicate that Vyvanse is slightly more efficacious on average than other stimulants, but YMMV, and generic IR Adderall/Dexedrine might be cost-effective. Also, part of the rationale behind expensive extended release medications is that it prevents school age children from needing to visit the school nurse to receive medication, which can be stigmatizing for a child. That's not an issue for adults.
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