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I graduated from the University of Illinois in Engineering in the mid 1970's. I'm in California now. The Director of Development from UofI called me a few weeks ago to see if I would meet with him, when he came out here, to discuss how my life at school and afterwards faired, how I felt about the school, etc.
So I met him yesterday for lunch. No, I can' t donate right now....but it was more than that.
He's a baby - 27. I was so impressed with him.
His job is to get the alumni to give back to the students. WISE (women in something? engineering) is a program that allows alumni to mentor students. What a great idea.
But besides all that, I told him about this forum. About all the college students here that are brilliant and really struggling because they have no resources or help with basic organizational skills. This really caught his interest. I gave him the whole speal - inattentive ADDers are lost in the mix because they're not hyperactive. Adults whose potential is sitting untapped and underutilized.

Educators and administrators really need to know who their audiences are and how to satisfy their basic requirements. It's really up to us to be more proactive.
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