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Question Vexed in upstate NY - The Man has made this too complicated


This is my first time logging in for almost eight years. Wow!

I used to be able to get my generic Adderall XR by seeing my PCP every six months, getting a paper script which I could check for errors, and then calling in at the three-month marks in-between and US mailed a paper script. And the 90-day mail order was reasonably efficient.

Now the e-script system at the local medical conglomerate is terrible and screws up my scripts. And I can't check them because the People's Republic of New York knows more about my own saaaaafety than I do, or so they claim, and they've foisted e-scripts on us. And my insurance company will only pay for 90 days via mail order, but the mail order company has also gotten sloppy and slow, so I'm getting them filled monthly at a local pharmacy.

And the doctors around here all want to see me every three months, not because of me, but because of liability. And I have to call-in every month for my meds ... I have a toddler and a small business, and I don't have time for this paternalistic, cookie-cutter claptrap. To quote Number 6 from The Prisoner, "I am not a number, I am a free man!"

Anyhow, I have moved all of my other meds to one of those bargain clubs, because with the deluxe membership you can get a lot of different meds for $4.00/month, and you don't need insurance. The bargain club lets me fill up to 12 months at a time for non-controlled substances. This is very efficient, and respects my liberty as an adult moral actor.

So, can anyone suggest alternatives? Frankly I don't care about if your suggestions are rough-around-the-edges legally, I'll consider anything that's not immoral, but if the forum doesn't like borderline legality, then certainly let's follow the rules. Or PM me, if they allow that.

I've been exploring tele-medicine, overseas pharmacies, Adderall agonists to make my pills more effective and therefore allow me to take less and so require fewer refills, etc. I'm also looking into pitching Adderall entirely and getting a similar medication that's easier to aquire. I'm sure that's what the state-insurance oligarchy want me to do, so I'm hesitant to give them the satisfaction, though.

If it helps, I live close enough to MA and VT that if either one of those states has friendlier regimes, I could certainly go there a couple times of year to see a doctor, etc. Heck, if the state is friendly enough, I'd drive to CT or NH or PA, etc., if it was only once a year and I knew the med delivery system was efficient.

I'm just trying to run my business and feed my family, and I don't need a bunch of nanny-state goons and insurance tight-wads obstructing me. And the irony is that if I was able to deal with all of these complicated and frustrating artificial hurdles, I wouldn't need the Adderall in the first place. I almost need more meds just to deal with getting my meds!!

Any suggestions are appreciated!
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