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What is the Average Dose of Concerta?

I take 54mg of Concerta. I think everything is going well but I also have OCD which makes me second guess every thing I do. I am always wondering if my meds are too high or low.

Anyway, I was wondering:

1.) What is the average dose of Conerta that is usually taken by kids/adults
2.) How do you know when your meds are too high
3.) How do you know if they are too low

Again, this is a more my OCD talking that my ADD.


P.S For those that follow the soap opera that is my life, I talked to my doctor in of all places the super market. He said that he WOULD talk to my shrink and if things go well prescribe me my stims through his office. Family doc giving me my meds.. Woo hoo.
54mg Concerta
30mg Buspar
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