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I have yet to feel the need to take less, except for when I first tried regular Ritalin 3x per day, and that wasn't so much the dose, I think, but the switch from Concerta, I was only 6mg per day less on the Concerta. Basically, I felt jittery and had a bit of jaw clenching from the regular Ritalin when I first started, but that went away after a few days.

I think that the 76 words well for me until it wears off. I can tell I need more when I feel some or little improvement, but try a bit extra and notice an improvement. I had some leftover 18mgs from my first prescription, so after a bit at one dosage, if I think it may not be enough, I just try one extra 18mg to see if it wordks. I think the 76 is good for as long as it lasts, it just doesn't last long enough for me. It lasts 6 or 7 hours for me. Hence the need for the extra in the afternoon, although I think I will ask about getting extra Concerta for the afternoon, rather than the Ritalin. I just prefer Concerta. The only side effect I have is some dehydration.
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