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Re: Feel i'm not creative as others of my level of intelligence

Originally Posted by daveddd View Post
actually I at least provided some articles, not just my opinion
Whoops -- I did miss your earlier link. My bad.

You linked to a single article in PsychologyToday (which is a popular science magazine, not a scientific journal). That article selectively made reference to cherry-picked research supporting the idea that ADHD is associated with greater creativity. As I noted above, there are mixed results from the published scientific literature. Pop-science articles like that one, which conveniently highlight only the positive results, misrepresent the totality of the research. (This seems to be common in the pop-literature about ADHD -- the idea that we're misunderstood geniuses held back by a rigid society has much more appeal and sells much better than the idea that we're basically ordinary people with self-regulation weaknesses!)

I don't mean to imply that there couldn't be some truth to the idea that ADHD is associated with certain types of creativity -- my gut feeling is that reduced mental inhibition and necessity could lead to creativity or novel ways of thinking about problems -- just that broad claims to that effect aren't consistently supported by scientific research, and there's some evidence to the contrary.

Regarding emotional dysregulation (and perhaps this would be better suited to a different thread, so as not to derail this discussion of creativity): I agree with you that ADHD often involves difficulty with self-regulation that extends to emotional responses, and this is certainly widely accepted by many people working in ADHD research today.

That doesn't mean that emotional dysregulation is the main or defining feature of the disorder, though, and thus labeling ADHD an "emotional disorder" is inaccurate and misleading.

In general, there's nothing inherently abnormal about our emotions; we're just less good at inhibiting/regulating/marshalling normal emotional responses for our own good than other people tend to be. Calling ADHD an "emotional disorder" also glosses over the other significant aspects of ADHD that cause a great deal of difficulty for many people with ADHD (e.g. working memory. organization).

Thomas Brown seems to believe that ADHD is more than just a problem with emotional dysregulation. This is from his website:

Emtional dysregulation is only one aspect of impaired executive function. An important one, to be sure -- but not the overarching problem in ADHD.

In this more recent article, he writes:
Originally Posted by Thomas Brown
Emotions play two important roles in ADHD, neither of which is reflected in current diagnostic criteria. First, conscious and unconscious emotions play a crucial role in the problems of motivation and self-regulation that are pervasive in ADHD. Second, many people with ADHD have chronic difficulty recognizing and managing the expression of their emotions.
So again -- emotional dysregulation plays an important role in ADHD, but ADHD is not itself an "emotional disorder" in the way that mood disorders or anxiety disorders can be, where the emotions themselves are extreme and central.

At least we can both agree that
Originally Posted by daveddd
people with adhd are smarter, better looking , better lovers, hung better, faster, more athletic, we have super power empathy , more compassionate , empaths, more understanding , better emotional control.... oh and far less narcissistic than the norms
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