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Re: Feel i'm not creative as others of my level of intelligence

Originally Posted by namazu View Post
Here's some published research, which -- again! -- does not appear to prove that people with ADHD are more creative than others, but rather gives mixed results, depending on how creativity is defined and measured, how ADHD is defined and measured, and which groups are used for comparison.
Which of these sources you are linking discusses studies that suggest we aren't more creative?

The most I've seen so far is one that says they are testing because they've seen other reports show mixed results (even though they don't cite those actual sources that show the mixed results) but they themselves found that we are more creative.

I doubt there is a single studied area where every single study shows the same thing. The number confirming our greater creativity seems to greatly outnumber those that say otherwise. Enough that I have no idea how we can deny the evidence.
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