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Re: ADHD and Hypersensitivity (for the 2nd time)

Yeah I am late on the thread too, but when you have so many sensitivities you HAVE to write about it right? Okay so I am sensitive to:

Light- I have had to pull over to the side of the road until my eyes adjust, or I have to drive with my hand over my eyes while I peer through the crack in my fingers, makes me wish I had those glasses from Star Trek! NO LIGHT FOR SLEEP! which is funny because when I was a kid I HAD to have light and noise.

Dark-I cant stand it when its too dark! I only like it pitch black to sleep other than that I have to have light on, I dont like turning the lights off to watch a movie at home either.

Sound- High pitched or low pitched sounds that are repetitive-ie techno music. An Ocarina, whistle, etc. BUT the funny thing is that they only bother me if someone else is doing it, if I blow a whistle over and over it doesnt bother me! WEIRD It also is mood dependent I guess, when I'm sleepy I cant stand loud sounds, I think my sensitivity hightens when I am tired. Chalk or chalkboards being wiped off, sharpies on paper, dry erase markers, overhead projector markers, absolutely NO sound for sleep!

Touch- Tags, turle necks or anything tight around my neck, tight clothes (I too take them off as soon as I get home), wet clothes, sleeping with socks, socks and shoes in general, hats, gloves, masks, I cant even wear acrylic fingernails because I cant feel the tip of my finger anymore, wind on my neck also, sweat I HATE to sweat or be hot, biting apple skins or grapes(although I still eat them), sometimes I HAVE to put my hair up or I will go crazy, I like to feel my hair tight against my scalp, watches cant wear them or big bracelets, glasses on the bridge of my nose, earrings/rings have to take them off after a while, weird textures,

cant sit in a chair with both feet on the floor have to cross them or put one ankle on the other knee etc, itchy I am itchy ALOT, makeup I have learned to put up with, long sleeves have to pull them up on my arms for relief or pull them down to hold them in my hands, have to have a fan for sleep or feel like I am suffocating also cannot have stale air, So I guess touch is my worst sensitvity.

GOOD SENSITIVITIES- my hair love to have it touched or played with, hugs, small spaces (I think this has to do with feeling secure like in the womb), feelings on my fingers, cant think about to many of these as they arent as annoying so I dont hyperfocus on them! HAHA the joys of ADD!

So I know this was long and I dont really care if anyone reads it, just felt good to get it out so THANKS!

Oh I also forgot to I memorize EVERYTHING I know jingles after hearing them once or twice, I know commercials, I know EVERY word to the movie TITANIC I mean every word, I know every word to every song I have ever listened to more than twice! Its crazy, I have noticed this in my son too so i am leaning towards him having ADD also. Oh I also have to read EVERYTHING, I can pass the same billboard 500 times and I will read it EVERY time!
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