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Re: ADHD and Hypersensitivity (for the 2nd time)

My odd quirk / hyperawareness thing is "errors" in movies, commercials etc in the editing and such lol. It can be amusing but when I would rather prob know what the commercial was for all that comes from me seeing it is the MOST OBVIOUS error in film/edit that I cant believe they even completed this project and aired it LOL. The first one that comes to my mind now is the most recent I discovered. Sometimes it happens the first time I see the footage and sometimes it is after seeing a comemercial several times. The SHAMWOW commercial when he pours water or something on the pc of carpet to show how the towel thing picks up every last drop. Right after they show the puddled water on on the table/under the pc of carpet they cut away and then back to same angle again, only on the second shot there is no puddling and no mess on the table. LOL...cant help it - I do it all the time in movies and everthing.
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