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Re: Fake Boobs and Plastic Surgery = a sign of ADD/ADHD ?

Originally Posted by adhdwptsd View Post
[i]How many ADD/ADHD woman and men here on this forum have had some type of cosmetic surgery? Or if they could afford to have it done would? Whether it be breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction, botox, hair replacement and etc.
No thank you, but then I'm young and I don't feel like I have a need for any of those surgeries. If you asked me again in 30 or 40 years my reply might be different. Something could happen between now and then that might change my mind. Who knows?

Originally Posted by adhdwptsd View Post
Knowing all the signs and symptoms and self esteem issues that we adder's seem to be most prone to does that make us more likely to be a candidate to have these surgeries done?
That's an intersting idea about people with LD's being more likely to get plastic surgery. Learning disabilities like ADHD can destroy people's self esteem and that can effect the way they see themselves physically as well as mentally. So I can see how it might seem like those of us with LD would be more willing to get plastic surgery in an attempt to feel good about ourselves in some way.

Originally Posted by adhdwptsd View Post
My next question is, are we as ADDers more likely to be attracted to these type woman/men or are we gonna say the preverbial "I really just care what someone is like on the inside"?
I think everyone is more attracted to that. We all want someone who will love us for who we are. That's we don't fall in love with the first person to give us a compliment on how we look. For the most part we all want a deeper connection.

I can see some people who have self esteem issues due to LDs shy away from that person just because there are some people with self esteem issues that don't see anything about themselves to love or be attracted to. I've seen people on here commenting about how they don't feel like they deserve love because they can't find anything worth loving about them. I've had friends who are always afraid of letting the person they like get to know them because they think that once that person looks deeper they won't find anything good. It's not true, everyone has something good about them I think, but that's how they view themselves.

Originally Posted by adhdwptsd View Post
And my last questions are... If you are attracted to someone for all the right reasons ALL not just visual and you end up sleeping with this person and then find out he/she is not 100% real does that change your opinion about her/him? Do you feel that if the person does not admit/tell you that plastic surgery was done until in bed or just after do you feel the person has hid or lied to you to the point that it now casts doubt about the ability for that person to be honest and truthful about other issues?
That depends. Did I ask them and they lied to me about it? Or did they just not tell me?

If it's the former then I wold be upset, but I wouldn't let it cast that much of a shadow over our relationship. After all they did admit the truth which shows that they felt bad about not telling me.

If it's the latter then I don't see any reason to be upset. I didn't ask, why should I expect them to randomly tell me. I don't go around expecting people to tell me if that's their natural hair color.

If I don't happen to be in a relationship with the person but we sleep together then I would be baffled about why they told me in the first place. Sure I'm attracted to them, but if their only goal was a one night stand then outside of "Do you have an STDs, STI's, odd rashes, or anything that could effect my health in anyway?" and "Are you the sex you say you are?" I'm not expecting much personal information beyond the basic small talk level. Most people don't try to connect too deeply with people they don't expect to spend more than one night with. At least not that I've ever seen.

Originally Posted by adhdwptsd View Post
[i]Having dated and even marrying a woman to whom had plastic surgery done, I do not think I ever would marry a woman whom had it done again. To me personally it says a lot about ones inner being.
It takes a unique individual to have a procedure done that fictitiously transforms you from what you are to what you really are not. It is "surgery" and why anyone would care so little about themselves to have procedures that alters ones true self does not sit well with me.
The way I see it, I don't care as long as it makes them happy. People are themselves and not much that nipping and tucking and growing and shrinking of their bodies can change who they are. If I love the person for who they are then I don't think them changing their physical appearance with a surgery would change who they are, which is the part I love.

Let's say you remarry and the woman you've married decides to lose some weight. Would you feel that her losing weight with dieting and exercise says something negative about a person or makes her lose her uniqueness? No, she just has a bit less junk in her trunk. So why is it such a big deal if she does it with surgery instead of exercise and diet? The weight didn't make her who she was, it was just something she wanted to change. I have friends who dye their hair six and seven times a year, but I've never stopped being friends with them over it because it's just hair.

I don't think plastic surgery changes a person's true self any more than a person dying their hair changes their true self. In fact, sometimes it's the surgeries that allow the people to finally feel like their true selves. Look at transexual people.

Many of them have a horrible quality of life and are really unhappy because they feel like their bodies don't reflect who they are and how they identify themselves. A Transexual man is born with female genitalia, but to that person that's not right because they feel and identify themselves as a man in every other way. They feel trapped in their own bodies and they don't feel right until their body matches their true sex.

Originally Posted by adhdwptsd View Post
Surgery should be reserved for true life threatening conditions...
I disagree. If a surgery can change someone's quality of life it's just as good as saving their life. Like I said before with transexuals they don't feel comfortable or truly happy until their sex on the outside matches the sex they are on the inside. Then there are cases like conjoined twins. There are some that can live conjoined, but they shouldn't have to. It can effect the quality of the life they lead and whether or not they will be happy.
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