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Re: Racing uncontrollable thoughts while trying to sleep.

Get off your couch ASAP and go for a walk/run/or exercise in some shape or form to burn off the energy that's fueling your brain. It's not a cure-all, but it will help rid some of that toxic energy and up your endorphines/dopamine (which is irregular in our brains anyway).

It's taken me YEARS to master falling asleep and now I'm working on sleeping throughout the whole night (something I've never done in my entire life without heavy meds).

Some other tips:

- allow yourself some time for your mind to go crazy like this - whether it be for 5 mins in the shower, or on the couch (try not to do it in your bed or you'll associate mind-racing with sleeping). IT IS OKAY for your brain to race like this, you're not crazy, you're just unique. I write down all my crazy thoughts, and some of them are actually brilliant thoughts!
- tell yourself that AT THIS PARTICULAR MOMENT IN TIME you ABSOLUTELY can do nothing to solve the issues running around in your head. You just can't. It's time for rest, not problem solving, so save it for a better time.
- daily exercerise is KEY! I know we as adhd peeps find it hard to stay motivated or in any sort of daily routine, but try to get used to exercising or expelling energy when you feel this mind racing creeping up.
- stop fighting it: if it's just going to be one of those "mind-racing nights" then it is. Sometimes, no matter what you do, it won't stop. Just ACCEPT IT, and know that it eventually subsides. Be a WITNESS to what it racing through your brain instead of being the JUDGE by saying "what the F is wrong with me". In time, by being the witness, you'll start to notice patterns of what sets your off, or what your thoughts predominantly focus on.

Hopefully this helps some Good luck!

Ps. NO sugar/caffeine or food close to bedtime - this stimulates our brains which seem to come alive at night!
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