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Finally catching up with me- Close to losing job

Well, it has finally happened. I have messed-up at work so, so badly that they probably should have fired me on Friday. According to my supervisor, manager, and their manager, I am doing so poorly at building relationships with my customers and colleagues that they complained to a divisional manager about me.

For context, I work in a customer service department for a large manufacturer. I have a set territory and they send their orders daily (data entry, order management). A huge part of the job is inbound calls. I take about 35-50 per day primarily for my territory and the person I back up. My team of 14 handles a very demanding product line so our calls are very frequent and urgent. We all get overflow calls from other territories when their reps are signed-off the phone or on the phone with other calls.

Not one of my customers is happy with me. The 3-4 salesmen I deal with on a daily basis are not happy with me. The divisional manager came in person to my office and spoke with my supervisor and manager. He wants a new customer service rep. The customer service manager is not ready to do that. She is giving me a chance to "turn it around". She cited what I said in my interview a year ago when I told her that I love to be busy and I love a fast-paced office. She wants to know what happened to that and why I told her that if I am struggling in that exact same environment. I told her that I am not used to the volume of calls. Honestly, I don't remember talking about the call volume in my 2 interviews last year. I was used to maybe 5-10 a day in my previous position. She asked me if I was happy and I said "no- how can I be happy when I know I am not doing a good job?". She seemed shocked at that.

As we all know with ADD- there are things that end up being our Achilles Heel. The phone is mine. Every.Single.Time my phone rings I am set-back so far in my progress with what I am doing. It is so hard to get back on task and remember what needs to be done. Many calls are "gotta do this right now- forget what you're doing right now- my problem is bigger and more important". So then, what do I do? Let the customer dictate my priorities or do I handle them on my own in my own order? I am guaranteed to forget about something when there are things piling up. For me it's so hard. I am better with minimal phone calls.

Additionally, there is an expectation of me to "wine and dine" sales and customers in my territory. Not actually taking them out to dinner- but the treatment needs to be very "yes Sir- I'll do what you need immediately no matter what I'm doing now Sir". I'm expected to treat the salesmen that work for the same company like gold. They expect to be treated like gold. My manager said they expect and deserve "A1" treatment.

The customers in my territory are very needy and demanding and they don't feel like I care about them. They don't like my lack of immediate response to their emails. Sales doesn't like that I take too long to respond, either. I am so bogged down with all of the processes and required tasks, plus the phone, plus the emails, that I feel so overwhelmed by everything. So I don't respond right away because I "will get to it later". There are certain tasks that I procrastinate on (Quotes- ugh) and that is not acceptable.

I was never really told that this is how sales/customers expected to be treated by me so I approached them like I would in my previous position which was like "we work together, we respect each other, we will get this done". Not "Yes sir- whatever you want sir- I'll make you my first priority above all else sir". I feel it is kind of sexist (my company is very good ol' boy- male dominated culture). Maybe that is why I feel so icky about it? Per my manager, I need to "Kiss their You know what". That is not how I am. I don't like kissing up to people. It feels so fake and inauthentic. But I'll have to fake it for the time being. Kind of like being an actress! Yay! A new skill

It doesn't help that I feel like I've checked out of this job already. The commute is brutal and they are only willing to change my start time to later rather than earlier which won't work since I already get to the daycare to pick up my child at closing time with my schedule now. I was planning on leaving shortly after Christmas anyway. It is just not a good fit for me. So my bad for checking out- I didn't realize it would actually be obvious in my work. I do deserve the criticism but I don't like being made to feel like I should have known certain things without being told. My ADD and this type of job are not a good mix.

In my last position, I was successful. Customers liked me. Sales liked me. The environment was different. Sometimes I wish I never left. But they were purchased by a big industry leader and now it's much different and super corporate. Robotic in nature, and so much red tape it's ridiculous. Perhaps it is the corporate environment that I need to avoid?

Not sure what I'm really asking for here but I needed to get this out. I'm struggling. I'll do what they want (as much as I just want to tell them I'm done). I need a job until I find a new one. It's only been 10 months here and I am crashing and burning like I never imagined.

Oh, and yes- I'm going to get back to a treatment plan. It's getting worse as I age (almost 40). I see the manifestations of the worsening of the ADD everywhere I go. It's scary how fast I'm plummeting. Piles of paper everywhere. Dishes everywhere. Unfinished projects, laundry, good intentions, everywhere. I'm at a loss. It's so embarrassing. I can't have unexpected visitors because of my mess.

Thanks for reading guys. I'm up for any suggestions or critiques. Maybe even career paths that are ADD (Inattentive type) friendly?

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