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Re: Finally catching up with me- Close to losing job

Thank you Stef and Curmudgeon. The treatment plan is a very high priority right now. I have a call into a specialist and Iíll call a few others tomorrow. Itís crazt how things have gotten worse so quickly. I used to be able to manage my ADD but itís now a problem that needs urgent attention. Could it be my age or stress? Maybe hormones (Iím peri-menopausal). Who knows? Itís a concern nonetheless.

Iím looking for an environment similar to my old position in how it
was structured. Iíd love to get out of customer service all together into something less ďfront lineĒ and more ďback officeĒ.

I was a buyer in retail and that was a good fit. Also looking for something in that area. Stef-I havenít looked into sales yet. Maybe when Iím able to take a risk on my income. It seems stimulating and exciting.

Curmudgeon- you hit the nail on the head. There are way too many moving parts. There is no time to finish things (in my experience). Itís stressful every time the phone rings. Now l have to pretend everything is ok knowing my customers and sales colleagues are unhappy with me and want someone else.

I wanted to leave within 3 months. Training took 6 weeks so after that and then being on the floor-I found myself wishing i stayed at my old job. Honestly, one of the reasons l am struggling is because deep down I believe I checked out. Well, itís time to check back in and adjust my attitude until I leave.

Thanks again!
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