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Re: Finally catching up with me- Close to losing job

Thank you sarahsweets and Jacksper.

I'll talk to my doctor (once I can get into an appointment) about all that is available to me. Totally avoiding Concerta. Never want to feel like that again!
Adderall worked. Amazingly well. I actually took legible, useful notes at a seminar and I was able to retain info and keep my attention levels high. It was exactly what I was missing in school as a kid! Such a strange feeling because I am used to my mind just wandering off into wherever when I am at a seminar.

Jacksper- Since the job is primarily phones, then order entry- I can't really have them change that. Had I known how much I'd be on the phone at this job I would have declined the offer. They don't want to call themselves a call center because they have calls routed directly to the assigned reps but we all get a lot of "spill over" calls that don't fall into our territories. They have all kinds of metrics on phone call data (number of calls, number of missed calls, number of abandoned calls, etc.) and I feel like if they are measuring that kind of stuff, they are indeed a call center. But they beg to differ. So that's where we are. I'll be looking to leave that position ASAP.

Thanks again everyone!

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