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Re: My gaming addiction to adderall.

Also, another time in my life, i was addicted to this game called Team Fortress Classic (a Halflife mod); i was obsessed because of how good i was at the game, and the physics plus movement of the game was like a hardcore drug to me, i literally felt like an artist in this virtual world. It was tough giving up the game, and i came back to it many times.

What helped me to stop playing it was realizing that the reason why i was so good at this game was because i was playing it literally all day long. If i stopped playing for a month, and came back, i didnt feel that great any longer.

So i stopped playing for a month, had an urge to reinstall, did it, but then when i got whooped by players that were still highly addicted, i stopped playing. Why? Because i knew that i wasnt naturally gifted at the game; I would have to, once again, put in an insane amount of hours to beat these players, and I wasnt stupid enough to do that this time around

So know your enemy, why youre addicted to the game, and *knowledge* will solve your addiction/obsession. I hope I was helpful, gl man.
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